A few feel good articles for the fabulous women in our world!

Ever feel like your go-to dress has been seen by everyone, all the time. Been there, done that - who hasn't?!  

Mix it up a little with these stylish suggestions.  You'll feel like you're wearing a new outfit every time. You're welcome!

1. Off the Shoulder Sassy

Just as is!  Plain and simple for date night or a night on the town with the girls.  Glam it up with statement heels, your favourite accessories and a pop of colour with a gorgeous little clutch. 

Add a sleeveless denim jacket, a chunkier statement necklace, some flats and a fedora for a more sassy day-time playtime look. 

 2. Asymmetrical Awesomness.  

We luuuurve this look.  It's sexy, chic and playful all at the same time.  It's a great 'late afternoon cocktails' look paired with a longer necklace, some statement flats and a slouchy bag.

For an evening out; a shorter necklace, smaller bag and your favourite Louboutin heels will be a definite head turning look. 


3. Totally Strapless

Yup, you read right!  Drop that dress right down to under your pits. Show off those gorgeous shoulders and dazzle with a statement necklace and our current favourite - gold heels! 

The perfect party-look style.


4. Too Shy To Bare

You can still feel fabulous with a squared off neckline and feminine frill finish when you wear this number straight up. Pair with whatever makes you feel good.  Flats, wedges, Louboutins. A longer necklace falls beautifully with this look as does a shorter dainty version.  This up-top look is both fun and flirty!


See Belle's, we've got you covered!  Get the best out of your dress - be bold, be confident and be you! This is your 'License to Frill'! 



We love watching what's happening on the beauty and fashion front, some of the trends we love, some; not so much. 

During our scout around the web for some tips and trends we found this - we had to share.  Renowned independent researcher and beauty blogger, Lisiana Carter from #thebeautyinsiders recently wrote this awesome blog and we thought we'd pop it on our blog to share with you. And give you our 2 cents worth, of course.

Check out her original post at

In brief, the top 5 tips are:

1. Wet and damp hairdos - perfect for the tropical climates right?!  No more fizz - dampen down with some essential hair oil and you're right on trend Belle!  We love this trend - it's easy and it can look oh so chic.  Be it during the day, an evening out to dinner or playing about on the beach - take a page from Bella Hadid's style diary - slick it back Belles!


2. Bows - bring back the girly look with an adult twist!  The LFW runway showed that bows are not just for little girls.  Used everywhere from button holes to bracelets, BOWS are the next big thing!  And talking about hair, use your bows there too.  



3. Nude Make-up - And oh how we love this trend!!  We all aspire to look au-natural, yet feel fabulous when we've a little something on our flawless features and nude make up is the perfect solution. Although not a new trend, there are always new ways to wear this look and according to Fashion Week Online, the secret is to make sure your skin is given the ultimate treatment with lightweight and sheer moisturiser and eye creams.  

Keep the eyes bright and use the blush. 


4. Bold Lipstick - In short, the bolder the better!  There's even a holographic-cruelty-free lip gloss from Inglot you can try. We found it at Macy's for just $18.

Remember, bolder is better - glittered, deep and dark, nude with a little holographic - you can smack anything on those kissables, make sure it's bold and it'll be beautiful!

5.  Flowers - Who doesn't love blooms? From accessories to footwear, we're in full bloom for Spring! Get on trend, get this!

You have a major event coming up and you are super excited. You want everything to be perfect and you want to look your best. Should you just cross your fingers and hope for the best or should you put in some time and prep for the perfect look? We would go with the second option too.

Here are a few pointers that will help you in looking and feeling the best on your big day.

Eat Well

Junk food, fizzy drinks and salt can make you look and feel bloated. Opt for healthy food options a few days before the event and you will notice a difference in the way you look and feel. And stay hydrated by drinking lots of water a few days prior to the event, it will also flush out the toxins and give you better skin.

Sleep Well

Sleep is super important when you’re prepping for a special event. A good night’s sleep eliminates dark circles, puffy eyes and dull skin. You need to feel rested and energized to make the most of the event that you have been looking forward to and only good sleep can ensure that.

Deep Condition

Your hair needs to be prepped much before the event day. Get your hair red-carpet ready by giving yourself a deep conditioning treatment a few days prior to the event. Leave the conditioner on for 10-15 minutes or even longer if your ends are feeling dry. This will help ensure you have silky soft strands for your big night!

Whiten Teeth

Your smile is the first thing everyone will notice. Make sure you prep your teeth so that stains from coffee, tea and wine are all erased and dazzle the crowd with your smile. You can use a DIY teeth whitener or a store bought whitening strip. It’s quick and easy but the results go a long way.


Your skin needs to be glowy and smooth on your big day and this is possible if you exfoliate and moisturize regularly before the event.


It is so true when they say “it is all in the details”. Make sure you take care of all the details prior to the event. Even something as simple as ironing your outfit, choosing the right under garments or something as important as getting a fabulous manicure, pedicure, choosing the right jewellery and deciding on the perfect hairdo that complements your outfit.

Now that you have prepped for your event. Sit back, relax and enjoy your day and know that only YOU are in charge of your happiness!


De-coding Dress Codes

September 01, 2016


There are many a  time we are given a dress code and we immediately envision ourselves sticking out like a sore thumb because of the uncertainty of the given dress code. Here is our low down on how to crack the dress code and fit right in!


Bring out the jeans and your favourite tee. Keep it cool, comfortable and fuss free. No excessive makeup or jewelry. If it is an outdoor event avoid heels and go with flats or sneakers.

Business Casual

This is what you would typically wear to office every day. Keep it smart but still casual. A good example would be dress pants with a stylish top or casual skirt with a fitted shirt. Heels and accessories would be a good option but keep it minimal. Make sure your clothes are well ironed and the prints are not too busy.

Smart Casual

This is where you throw in a bit of extra class to your everyday-office look. It could be by throwing in a smart blazer or a pair of well fitted black slacks. Something with collars will be just perfect and a statement jewelry piece would add that extra touch of stylish smartness.


There is nothing casual about this dress code. A shift dress with heels would be ideal attire. Opt for a neat hair-do yet stylish. Another option could be a business suit that fits well with dressy heels. Nothing says business more like a well-fitted suit!


Here is your chance to bring out the LBD (Little Black Dress)! A knee length dress with a bit of glam on it, strappy heels and red lips and you are good to go! Dressy separates also could be an option but don’t go overboard with the mixing and matching. Keep it smart and formal and you won’t go wrong.


Here is where you can have some fun with your outfit and play it up a bit. Fun jewelry, funky watch, drop earrings, a splash of colour - get creative. A short party-dress is apt but it's completely up to you to jazz it up a bit

Formal/Black Tie/Black Tie Optional

This is amongst the fanciest of all dress codes and this is when you bring out all the frills and fancy. Don’t hold back! You are safest wearing a long floor-length evening dress with hair in an elegant up do and some classy bling. A statement eye or lip look would be just right.

Hope you have a better idea about dress codes now and remember the most important factor, regardless of the dress code is a bright smile and the right attitude. Best of luck for your event. May the glam-factor be with you!

The temperatures have been rising and functioning in the heat is becoming quite a task, unless of course you are lucky enough to be lounging by the pool all day!

Here are some tips on how to cope with the heat and still look cool while taking on the day with a MelBelle flair ;)

Cool Fabrics

The fabric of your outfit makes all the difference. Some fabrics trap heat and do not absorb moisture. MelBelle offers some very apt fabrics for the heat that look and feel fabulous. Our outfits come in easy materials like soft jersey, cotton rayon, linen and even silk cotton for that luxurious yet cooling effect.

The Right Cut and Style

This is not the time to wear clothes that cling to your body and skin, it restricts air flow and makes the heat around you unbearable. Steer towards clothes that are less fitted and let the air circulate freely like the MelBelle “Alexis Lazy-Fit Romper” and the “Long Panel-Tee Dress”.

Cover Up

Contrary to popular belief wearing less clothing in the heat does not mean you will be cooler. Protecting the skin that is more prone to sun-exposure is key. One of our most popular cover ups is the “Cold Shoulder Cover Up”, paired with a sun hat and sun glasses it would be the perfect outfit!

Pretty Pastels

Avoid dark colours as they absorb heat. Choose light colours like our “Lilac Grey Ruffle Top Jumpsuit” and stay breezy in the heat.

Minimum Accessories

Keep the accessories at a minimum and wear light weight statement pieces that make heads turn. Our Hypoallergenic Pastel Beads is perfect for showing off your personality but still feeling light and cool.


Finding your style just became easier and much more fun!

Here are a few guidelines and brands you can turn to when looking to give your wardrobe a good old fashioned revamp.  

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MelBelle S/S16 Collection is couture for curves!

Let’s face it. The standard sizes in the market are not reflective of the real shapes of women. Sure, they are cheap and pretty, but will you sacrifice comfort and quality? 

Have you ever ordered a pretty dress online only to discover its sizing is deceptive? How many of you experienced fitting ill sized clothes while in-store shopping?  Settling for something you 'kind of ' like because the choice for the 'curvy' or 'in-between sized' women is so hard to find. 

At MelBelle we realise that women's bodies are unique.  Tall, skinny, petite, curvy - beautiful! Our styles are cut to to suit these different body types and help you avoid giving in to settling for just any item, but for one you feel good in and one that reflects your own personal style. 

The MelBelle Spring/Summer 2016 collection brings you fabulous womenswear that doesn’t discriminate. From the luxe fabrics, intricate sewing, down to the precise cuts, there is always something for you to #loungeinstyle.

The Inspiration

The Spring/Summer collection is heavily inspired by the exotic travels and lifestyle of our Founder and Designer, Mel. We see a beautiful mixture of new neutrals and on-trend prints and patterns – all in figure-flattering silhouettes.

The Promise

At MelBelle, we pride ourselves with quality and less quantity. We go beyond our ways to source the best fabrics. We travel the world because we only want the softest and comfiest cloths to touch your skin. We work ethically with manufacturers who also value quality and fair trade. And most importantly, we do not produce in large quantities. We do not mass produce, we’re all about affordable luxury.

Sizes range from M - 2XL in most styles whilst in some we'll have a S and 3XL

The Key Pieces

We are obsessed with these pieces, we can see ourselves wearing them all day, every day. (Get them before they’re gone!)

The Big Bottom Pocket Maxi:  From the pretty blush colour to the adorable A-line cut and the wide hem that extends to the floor, this standout piece is great to wear from boardroom to boardwalk.

The Ruffle Top Jumpsuit:  Our jumpsuits are just divine – they are super chic and sophisticated! Be it front or back, its figure-flattering design and colours are sure to make people stop and stare.


The Kimono Dress:  You are sure to feel like a Greek Goddess in this dress! It’s cute enough to highlight your chest area, cinched perfectly on the waist, and it balloons gorgeously at the bottom. Watch as it fabulously moves and sways with you.

Whether you want to look chic during the day or fabulous at night, there is always something comfy for you to wear from MelBelle. We call it ‘couture for curves’.

Love it? Shop it!

Bags with Heart

March 22, 2016


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The Mila Clutch - Africa is made from 100% cotton ShweShwe from the Da Gama Textiles' Three Cat series. The creative combination of colours and prints makes them  totally unique.

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